Values Exchange for Schools

School boy using the Values Exchange

The mission of the Values Exchange is to promote real democracy, based on the informed, collective wisdom of whole populations. We believe everyone has the right to be part of serious debate about the issues that matter most to us.

The best and most socially important way to further our mission is to enable all schools to have free and open access to the Values Exchange. Consequently, schools are free to use, save and publish any publicly available material on this website.

All Schools Values ExchangeBecause schools do not have control over the cases and surveys posted on the Values Exchange, we have created a further free site – our All Schools Project.

Several schools currently use this free service, and are supported by us in this use. If you are a school teacher, and are interested in using the All Schools Project site, please contact us here

A Private Site for Your School

You can also subscribe to a secure and private Values Exchange for your own school, at very affordable rates. Here is an example:

Abbostleigh Values Exchange

To find out how your school can own its own Values Exchange please contact us here