The Values Exchange for Professional Organisations

The Values Exchange is the perfect tool for any professional organisation which wishes to involve its members openly and transparently, using cutting-edge web-based software:

  • Inclusive member discussion of professional dilemmas
  • In-depth surveys with instant, secure results
  • Cross-organisation policy debate
  • Income generation via workshops; courses; grant-bids; services to fellow professionals
  • Values education
  • Ethics education
  • Professional research
  • Fully branded for your professional organisation

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Our Professional Network

We also offer to professional organisations an equally comprehensive social networking system.

Our Professional Network (OPN) is a state-of-the-art internal networking system designed for serious use within professional organisations. It has all the features of contemporary networks – live chat, blogs, forums, personal diaries – but is specifically designed for the work environment. At its heart is a powerful database which accumulates and organises information about user well-being; so that responsible companies can take steps to ensure that employee well-being is optimal, and maintain the highest levels of staff satisfaction and retention.

The Basics

Our Professional Network is designed to be branded for any company or organisation, using separate databases. It can be readily customised to meet specific company needs.

Its main features include:

  • Record your well-being: an interactive chart where employees can self-assess, balancing their personal and professional needs to create well-being snapshots. These accumulate in the OPN database to produce evermore accurate information about what really matters to employees
  • Get advice/forums: peer to peers via chat and self-created topics
  • Brainstorm
  • Dairy/Blog
  • Open research tools highlight and compare employee strengths, challenges, needs and well-being aspirations.
Our Professional Network
Some Basic Features of OPN

Snapshot report
A Well-being Chart Entry

A Sample Report
A Sample Report

Our Professional Network is available as part of the Values Exchange subscription package, or as a stand alone product.

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