Values Exchange for Higher Education

The purpose of the Values Exchange is to promote democracy, deliberation and tolerance. Consequently, higher educational institutions are free to use, save and publish any publicly available material on this website.

Values Exchange material is an ideal resource for:

  • Classes, lectures and tutorials in social science, applied science, humanities and health studies programmes
  • Individual undergraduate projects
  • Postgraduate research
  • Staff research

Even after completing only a few cases, Values Exchange members can access a multitude of learning and research opportunities. The more you put in, the more you get out.

If any Values Exchange material is published by students or staff we ask merely that is referenced.

Branded Values Exchanges

Once you have enjoyed the cases on this free site you may wish to subscribe to a private Values Exchange, branded for your institution.

Owning a private Values Exchange enables you to design and load your own Cases and Surveys, and can be used by an unlimited number of students, teachers and researchers within your institution. You have full ownership of any data you produce. You can also use your Values Exchange for income-generating research and educational projects.

"Before we used the Values Exchange we thought ethics was dry and boring. But this is totally different - all the cases are practical and relevant to us – we really feel we are learning important skills now"
Anna, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

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