Values Exchange for Corporates

The Values Exchange is perfect in the general corporate environment for:
Values Exchange for Corporates
  • Values Education
  • Human Resources
  • Cross corporate policy debate
  • Systematic Brainstorming
  • Employee inclusion and retention

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Values Exchange has developed a specific product to enable corporates to enhance and demonstrate their corporate responsibility endeavours. In Western countries large companies are increasingly under pressure to demonstrate that their practices are responsible and ethical. It is only a matter of time until these become legal requirements, see: Here or here

Currently the UK and Australia/NZ Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) has the following components, weighted as follows:

Section 1: Corporate Strategy - 10% of total score
Section 2: Integration - 22% of total score
Section 3: Management Practice - 26% of total score (includes Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace management sections)
Section 4: Performance and Impact - 36% of total score (includes a choice of Social and Environmental Impact Areas)
Section 5: Assurance & Disclosure - 6% of total score

Each management section of Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace is equally weighted, and each of the social and environmental impact areas is also equally weighted.

At present, membership of CRI initiatives is voluntary and reporting is self-assessed. The validation process is overseen by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The results are compiled and published by Business in the Community (BITC) (UK) and the Responsibility Index (AU/UK).

Mainstream employees are not necessarily involved in the CRI process at all.

By using the Values Exchange, companies can:

  • Use a systematic process of employee engagement which is the same for all companies
  • Demonstrate a clear audit trail of ethical deliberation and employee engagement
  • Join a centralised location for CRI reporting and, if necessary, whistle-blowing

The Values Exchange CRI framework includes all the above CRI components and requires employees to think about these in relation to clear and simple proposals about practice dilemmas and practice change.

Values Exchange CRI Concepts
Fig One: An example of CRI concepts embedded within the Values Exchange

The Values Exchange is the ideal solution to CRI compliance, using the following implementation levels:

  • VX Basic – owing and using the Values Exchange to minimum level demonstrates compliance
  • VX Training – a package that supports the use of the Values Exchange with workshops, regular reports and feedback to the company
  • VX Comprehensive – includes Basic and Training but is also an embedded in-house survey and policy review system; offering full reporting and unlimited cases and surveys within the company.
  • VX Benchmarking – companies can (and may be one day required by law) join in a cross company benchmarking process using the Values Exchange to compare practices, efficacy and values trends across companies. There will be standardised measures of good practice and companies will compete to demonstrate a high ranking