Values Exchange for Consultancy

The Values Exchange offers a unique Consultancy Service. Customers include:
  • Sydney University
  • Macquarie University
  • South Staffordshire NHS Mental Health Trust

Whenever an organisation perceives a need to call in an external Consultancy Service, the root of the problem is always misunderstanding and miscommunication between human beings. And this, in turn, is always caused by differences in human values.

The Values Exchange offers a unique, efficient and effective way to get to the bottom of company dysfunctions:

Encouraging Positive Culture Change, More effective communication between staff

Benchmarking staff views to assess the culture of the organisation at the beginning of the process and comparison following implementation of the change programme

A two-way communications tool, allowing staff to express themselves fully, privately and safely during the change programme, thus allowing concerns to be identified and addressed by the programme’s communications strategy

Also allows the grouping of responses (eg by individual, by staff group, by demographic) to permit targeted communications

Reporting functionality immediately provides comprehensive, transparent reports and permits easy analysis of data, allowing a rapid assessment of the effects of the changes taking place.